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Golden Presence IC 1.0M Set - XLR-XLR

In stock
This product is currently unavailable.

Golden Presence Interconnect is a somewhat simplified version of Golden Reference and fits between our Golden and Neutral Reference cables in the product line. It has less shielding, but uses the same conductors and dielectrics. It is non directional like the other Reference cables. In terms of sonics, it maintains the neutrality of Neutral Reference, but has the added resolution of Golden Reference, without being as critical of a less than perfect listening room or recording.

Outside Diameter:


Dielectric Type:

Teflon®, Air

RCA Capacitance:

12 pf/ft

XLR Capacitance:

7 pf/ft

Cable AWG:

26 x 4

Shield Type:

100% copper spiral / teflon graphite composite

Conductor Type:

Matched Propagation, Golden Ratio, Constant Q, Crossfield, Pure Copper, Litz