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Cable Special Offers

  SRP: Reduced price:  
Cardas CLEAR BEYOND POWER with Furutech UK Mains Plug (Pre-owned) £999.00 £799.00 Details
Cardas CLEAR BEYOND SC 1.5M - Spade-Spade (our in-house review sample) £6,379.00 £4,795.00 Details
Cardas CLEAR IC 1.5 Metre Set RCA-RCA (Pre-owned) £2,599.00 £1,899.00 Details
Cardas CLEAR LIGHT IC 1.0M - mini XLR-XLR £639.00 £445.00 Details
Cardas G Master Reference IC - mini XLR-RCA £219.00 £155.00 Details
Cardas G Master Reference IC 1.0M Set - mini XLR-XLR £175.00 £115.00 Details
Cardas Golden Cross IC - RCA-RCA £899.00 £539.00 Details
Cardas Golden Power Cord 1.5M - Furutech UK-20A HC IEC £599.00 £449.00 Details
Cardas Golden Presence IC 1.0M Set - XLR-XLR £839.00 £545.00 Details
Cardas Golden Presence Phono Cable 1.25M £529.00 £399.00 Details
Cardas Musicians Reference IC 1.0M - RCA-RCA £649.00 £445.00 Details
Cardas Neutral Reference IC Set - XLR-XLR £429.00 £299.00 Details
Cardas Neutral Reference Phono Cable 1.25M £429.00 £339.00 Details