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4Point-14 Tonearm

by Kuzma
This product is currently unavailable.


An endless race for the longest effective tonearm length goes on and on. While one hopes we will not end up within the realms of infinity, where no tracking error may indeed exist, the long standing and traditional limit of 12-inches (300mm) has long been left behind. The standard Kuzma 4Point arm seemed happy with just under 12 inches of effective length and went on to reach and stay at the pinnacle of its breed.

Now we have something considerably more dominating – the new 4Point 14 with the effective length of 14 inches!!! In return for relatively little more money, the “14” does indeed sound noticeably more “correct” in every imaginable aspect of the sound. Most importantly, even quieter background and a greater degree of what we like to call “intersonic silence” and seriously reduced distortion are clearly to be heard. The new 4Point 14 arm can be fitted at a 12-inch pivot-to-spindle distance, just as the standard 4Points fits 9-inch mounts. Stabi XL (XL DC) turntables can easily accommodate for the additional distance required, while there is a special armboard for the Stabi M turntable that takes care of the same requirement.


Technical data



Effective length 353 mm ( 14 inch )
Mounting distance 291,50 mm( Kuzma cut- 291 mm )
Offset angle 15,35 degrees
Distance from spindle to  
horizontal bearing 342 mm
Effective mass 19 g
VTA adjustment yes
Azimuth adjustment yes
Bias adjustment yes
Vertical damping yes
Horizontal damping yes
Detachable headshell yes ( one extra supplied)
Cables silver
Arm mount Kuzma cut ( 12 inch position)
Optional extra headshells, headshell containers, different wiring option


Hi-Fi+          March 2016 (Issue 133)

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