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Grand Prix Audio MONACO 1.5 Direct Drive Turntable (NEW)

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This product is currently unavailable.


This wonderful direct drive turntable has been traded in by one of our most valued clients and it is in immaculate condition, complete with crate and accessories.


The armboard is for use with a Tri-Planar tonearm.


DSP Signal Processing / Active Feedback Loop Technology:  The speed control features a CPU with Digital Signal Processor (DSP) which creates an active feedback loop to interrogate and maintain the speed of the platter thousands of times per revolution.  Enhanced monitoring ensures frequency accuracy and distortion-free playback not possible with conventional systems. Speed error is reduced to an extremely low 0.002%--a remarkable accomplishment in audio engineering! This achievement in speed accuracy equals frequency accuracy for virtually no distortion on playback.

Floating Platter, DC Motor, Phosphor Bronze Bearing and Internal Flywheel:  The Magnesium Platter and Phosphor Bronze Flywheel are supported by a fully immersed hydrodynamic bearing system.  The combination provides a pressurized film of oil to both suspend and damp in the horizontal plane. Rotation is supplied by a low voltage brushless DC motor custom made to our specifications.

Carbon Fiber Plinth:  A high-pressure high-temperature cured composite gives the turntable plinth its dramatic and efficient structure.  Use of Carbon Fiber material allows design of hollow and organic shapes, with material thicknesses manipulated to improve rigidity and damping without compromise to elegance of form.  Addition of internal polymer damping magnifies the performance of this plinth providing unrivaled rigidity and vibration management.

No mechanical Contact Oil Suspension Bearing and DC Drive System:  Our innovative and unique oil-suspended bearing and drive system achieves ultra low noise levels. There is no mechanical contact in the horizontal plane since the bearing is fully immersed in and the platter is fully suspended by a pressurized film of oil.  To maintain absence of mechanical contact, power is supplied through the magnetic field produced by the custom brushless DC motor. 

Separate Isolated Thrust Bearing:  The vertical position of the platter is fixed by a uniquely designed rigid single point contact thrust bearing constructed from a rare and proprietary hybrid alloy which is separate from the platter bearing. This state of the art Ceramic Thrust Bearing is also fully immersed in oil..

Out-of-the-box Performance:  The Monaco turntable is painstakingly manufactured and carefully handmade entirely in the USA. It is repeatable to near 100% consistency by each and every owner anywhere. Simple assembly and stable from shifts in settings over time, it has 10 mounting options to accommodate virtually any tone arm.  The Monaco Turntable has “set and forget” design and unforgettable performance right out of the box! 




  • Materials:  Carbon Fiber Plinth, Magnesium Platter, Phosphor Bronze Flywheel
  • Turntable Dimensions:  13” diameter, 5” height
  • Controller Dimensions:  8.25” deep x 6” wide x 1” tall
  • Weight w/ Controller:  40 lbs.
  • Upgrade: APEX Footer, and custom color platters and record clamps available