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MD 105 Analogue FM Tuner

In stock
This product is currently unavailable.


The MD 105 is built off the platform of the now discontinued MD 102 FM tuner, with a selection of component upgrades throughout the unit. Built with RF components that are produced to even tighter tolerances than in the discontinued MD 102, the 105 also features capacitor upgrades and a more stable power supply, along with the same solid stage amplification stage proven through year's of testing in the 102.


With improving RF transmission equipment around the world, this tuner, with its distinctive audio stage, allows you to experience FM as it was intended, with the full emotion and zeal with which the music was originally recorded. It is pure, unaltered, source audio.


The MD 102 uses Magnum Dynalab's proven RF design and includes a collection of improvements to our audio staging. This includes our unrelenting focus on a complete grounding circuit to eliminate any unwanted stray signals, and most importantly, a zero feedback design in the audio stage, ensuring the waveform is unaltered through the output circuit. It is a truly high-performance product, worthy of inclusion in any audiophile's audio system.



50 Db quieting - stereo

25.0 dBf

capture ratio -

> 1.5 dB

image rejection -

110.0 dB

signal to noise ratio

80.0 dB

alternate channel - wide

70.0 dB

alternate channel - narrow

80.0 dB

adjacent channel - wide

3.0 dB

adjacent channel - narrow

35.0 dB

THD - mono


THD - stereo


stereo separation

50.0 dB

AM suppression

70.0 dB

SCA rejection

80.0 dB

I.F. Rejection

80.0 dB

19 Khz and 38 Khz component rejection

75.0 dB

audio frequency response (+/_ 1dB)

15 Hz - 17 Khz

balanced audio output (600 ohms)

2.2 V

line audio output (RCA)

1.0 V

line power

20/220/230/240 Vac

dimensions - (inches HWD)

4.5 x 19 x.15

dimensions - (cm HWD)

11.43 x 48.3 x 38.1

weight (lbs./Kg)


power consumption (typ/max)