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MD 108T Analogue Valve FM Tuner

This product is currently unavailable.


In a world given to compromise, Magnum Dynalab conceded nothing in its approach to building the MD 108 FM Radio Tuner.  Known for manufacturing FM Tuners of unparalleled quality, famous for their balance of Sensitivity, Selectivity and Sonic performance, the quality of sound reproduced by the MD 108 FM Radio Tuner will remain legendary.

Designed and constructed with the music lover in mind, the MD 108 FM Radio Tuner is a hybrid tuner utilizing a truly new ANALOGUE R.F. section with precise MAGIC EYE tube tuning and a separate audio stage developed to exacting standards, utilizing two 12 AX 7 tubes in the audio switching stage.


A precision tuning pot ensure optimum resolution from the five stage varactor front end. With three ultra-sensitive bandwidth settings and enhanced selectivity, you are ensured the best possible signal from any of the four antenna inputs (two analogue, two digital), each selected from the front panel. An exclusive muting circuit eliminates unwanted inter-station noise (auto blend circuit). To verify performance, the MD 108 FM Radio Tuner employs two accurately calibrated taut band analogue meters to indicate multipath and signal strength. In unison with these meters, a unique dual MATRIX EYE tube for centre tuning means there is little guess work in optimizing FM radio reception. Low noise dual-gate MOSFET transistors and hand matched resonators mated to double-sided, plated circuit boards provide peak performance. The logic circuit which controls the tuner operation uses C-MOS technology, which has very high noise immunity making external transients of little impact. The logic circuit is controlled by gold plated momentary switches. With the switches always in a uniform position, the MD 108 FM Radio Tuner maintains a clean, aesthetically pleasing appearance.


Not to be outdone by the specially designed front end, a separate CLASS A audio stage was designed. Using components and technology, worthy of the signal being received from the front end, the audio stage, using two 12 AX 7 tubes in the final stage and a discrete amplification system is designed to capture the ambiance of the music. The BALANCED circuit using a pair of bi-polar low noise transistors are cross coupled to ensure a precise BALANCED signal to match your other higher performance components. The Magnum Dynalab MD 108 FM Radio Tuner established a new benchmark by which all other tuners would be judged.



Usable Sensitivity-Mono

0.7 uV 9.0 dBf

50 dB quieting-Mono

> 2.0 uV 9.9 dBf

50 dB quieting-Stereo

2.3 uV 20.0 dBf

Capture Ratio

1.5 dB

Image Rejection -

125.0 dB

Signal to Noise Ratio

80.0 dB

Alternate Channel Attenuation - WIDE

46.0 dB

Alternate Channel Attenuation - NARROW

60.0 dB

Alternate Channel Attenuation - SUPER NAROW

80.0 dB

Adjacent Channel Attenuation - WIDE

3.0 dB

Adjacent Channel Attenuation - NARROW

21.0 dB

Adjacent Channel Attenuation - SUPER NARROW

48.0 dB

THD - mono


THD - stereo


Stereo Separation

50.0 dB

AM suppression

50.0 dB

SCA rejection

80.0 dB

I.F. Rejection

125.0 dB

19 Khz and 38 Khz component rejection

75.0 dB

Audio Frequency Response (+/- 1dB)

15 Hz - 17 Khz

Balanced Audio Output (600 ohms)

2.2 V

Line Audio Output (RCA)

1.0 V

Line Power

120/220/230/240 Vac

Dimensions - (inches HWD)

5.0 x 19 x 16

Dimensions - (cm HWD)

12.8 x 48.3 x 40.7

Weight (lbs./Kg)


Power Consumption (typ/max)





June 2005


HiFi Choice Collection


2006 Awards



October 2007 Awards