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MD 90 SE (Special Edition) Analogue FM Tuner

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The new MD 90 SE and MD 90T SE FM Tuners include the features of their predecessors, plus a number of new features to heighten your listening experience.

New features include:

  • Balanced output - This gives you studio quality output with higher gain and less signal loss.
  • Precision Brass flywheel and clutch system - A 0.25 kilogram, 0.6 lb., brass flywheel is mounted on a precision machined brass shaft and bearing system along with a brass clutch that controls the tuning pot to add accuracy and weight when tuning.
  • Kimber Hyper pure wire - Both the balanced and unbalanced audio outputs are wired with this premium 99.9999 % pure copper wire.
  • Solen polypropylene audio capacitors and by-pass capacitors - The final audio stage uses these premium capacitors and by-pass caps to give you speed, inner nuances and dynamic open sound staging.



Usable sensitivity (mono)

10.3 dBf

Usable sensitivity (stereo)

11.2 dBf

50 dB quieting sensitivity (mono)

13.2 dBf

50 dB quieting sensitivity (stereo)

34.0 dBf

Capture Ratio

1.5 dB

Image rejection

75.0 dB

signal to noise ratio (SNR)

75.0 dB

alternate channel - wide

60.0 dB

alternate channel - narrow

80.0 dB

adjacent channel - wide

9.0 dB

adjacent channel - narrow

25.0 dB

THD - mono


THD - stereo


stereo separation

50.0 dB

AM suppression

70.0 dB

SCA rejection

-80.0 dB

-3 dB frequency response

20 Hz - 17 KHz

Power required

120/220/230/240 vac


19" (w) x 13" (d) x 4.25" (h)


12 lbs/5.3 kgs

Standard faceplates (black)

17"/45 cm
19"/48.26 cm
19" rackmount

Tube Specifications For Triode Series

Filament Current

(max) 330 mA    (min) 270 mA

Anode Current (1)

(max) 1.07 mA    (min) 0.92

Anode Current (2)

(max) 1.07 mA    (min) 0.92

Total Harmonic Distortion

1.8 %

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