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ODC-1 Optical Disc Cleaner

In stock
This product is currently unavailable.

Kazutoshi Yamada's Zanden Audio Systems is a frequently mentioned "houshold name of ultimate desire" among the most discriminated music lovers and audio buffs. And, for a good reason. So, why would somelike like Yamada-san, choose to create a magic potion which would rejuvenate the performance of not just your Compact Discs, but that of any optical disc (sound and/or vision)?  The reason - IT WORKS. 

The Zanden ODC-1 Optical Disc Cleaner in a fine spray container. Instructions for use are as simple as they could be: Spray the ODC-1 several times onto the reading side of the optical disc (CD, DVD, BlueRay, etc) and wipe off the liquid gently with a soft, disposable tissue or cloth. Most importantly, do listen to one track from your current favourite disc before and after the treatment.

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